I am a proud mother of two children; a daughter, Izabella, who is 4 and a son, Noah, who is 1 1/2. In addition to being a mom, I also am a local educator. I am a special education teacher and work with students on the autism spectrum. In my free time, I enjoy spending time doing things outdoors with my family. I especially enjoy biking and spending time on the local lakes boating.

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Getting Your Child Ready for Preschool, Part 1

Making the adjustment to preschool is a major change for any child, even one who has been exposed to the structure of a day care center, but especially for one who has had the privilege of being cared for in a smaller environment.  As a parent you want to be able to help your child in any way possible with this major life transition.

The most important thing that children can go into preschool with is self-confidence.  We can help our children become more self-confident by teaching and encouraging them to be self-sufficient.  This can begin with basic daily activities as easy as encouraging them to brush their own hair, dress themselves, and teaching them to button buttons and zip zippers.

It is also important for parents to get their child ready for preschool by helping build anticipation for school instead of anxiety.  A good idea is to introduce children to the idea of preschool, because when children know what to expect, they feel more secure.  Parents can begin by starting to talk to their child about what will happen in preschool as well as what they may do, how much fun school will be, and how many friends they will make.  By doing this, you will get your child to have a positive attitude toward preschool.

As the beginning of the preschool year approaches, take your child to visit the school and maybe look around the classroom.  Another way to help ease anxieties of starting school is by having your child participate in some of the preparations for school; for example, allow your child to pick out his/her backpack and special outfit for the first day of school.  Having your child participate in these things will help build positive anticipation and make preschool more of an adventure and something to look forward to.

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