Jen is a wife and mother who resides in Northern Wisconsin and enjoys spending time with her family hiking the beautiful trails and enjoying the many freshwater lakes in the area. When she is not spending time enjoying the outdoors you can find her baking, reading, helping out with community events, planning (and enjoying) playdates for (and with) her little girl or crafting. Jen teaches at her local scrapbook store and holds workshops on scrapbooking in Northern Wisconsin. She designs for several scrapbook manufacturers and her work can be found published in some of the industry's top leading publications as well as at trade and hobby shows.

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Hey there Today’s Mama readers!  I am so excited to be joining in on the fun over here and was thrilled when I received the initial invite to become one of the contributing bloggers for Today’s Mama.  I am so excited to share what it is that I know of the crafting world with you all, that being primarily paper crafting, scrapbooking, card making, home decor and kids crafts.  I also am excited at the thought of  learning new things from you, the readers and to have a collaborative of sharing ideas!  Hooray for this brilliant site that brings like minded and thoughtful individuals together in one place.

First, a bit about myself, my family and what it is that I do (besides being a mama of course!). I am Jen and I’m married to my wonderful husband of almost seven years now, Ethan and together we have a little girl who is five years old,  Zoey.  I will tell you that since having this little person in my life lots of things have turned upside down and inside out but  things since have also never seemed as clear as they do now or to have as much meaning as they do.  I think that most of you as mothers will totally understand that statement.

Zoey and I

When I first had Zoey I was home for the first time in my life, not working and living in a small suburb where it seemed at the time that everyone was leaving every single day to go into work at the neighboring city.  Which left me (it seemed at the time) home alone with a newborn as a new mother trying to figure things out as I went and to make sense of it all.  It may sound silly, but crafting, specifically scrapbooking became my therapy for a time and a way to “figure things out.”  I started totally bare bones…had no idea what I was doing and had nothing in the way of supplies and tools, etc.  I had a little desk in the kitchen of the apartment we were living in at the time and that was where I would show up when my baby girl would go down for a nap or when I wouldn’t be able to sleep after nursing her for the umpteenth time during the wee hours of the morning.

Scrapbook Layout

My hobby slowly evolved I like to say along with the baby fog that followed my life as a new mama.  I started going online for ideas and realized that there was a whole world of scrapbooking and crafting that I knew nothing about.  I fell in love with art journaling through some challenges that fellow Today’s Mama writer, Emily Falconbridge hosted one year and since then I’ve been blessed to have joined the teams of some major scrapbooking manufacturer’s design teams as well as teach locally at my local scrapbook store, Paper Studio here in Minocqua, Wisconsin.  I teach several workshops at area libraries in Northern Wisconsin and also work at booths for area trade shows.  I love my job as it combines my love of family and celebrating them (through preserving our memories) and the joy and almost childlike fun of the actual act of creating itself.  And the supplies are nice too!  I still remember being a little girl standing in the art supply section of our town’s drugstore and agonizing over what it was that I would pick out as my “special treat” from my parents.  I loved art supplies then and I love them even more now!  Nothing beats the smell of paper and freshly sharpened pencils in my book!

Scrapbook Layout

When I am not crafting (my desk in the kitchen has now evolved into a nook off the living room!) I can be found spending time enjoying my family and loved ones.  As a family living in Northern Wisconsin (we have since moved from the little suburb we were in), we are sure to take advantage of the many beautiful trails here in the Northwoods and enjoy hiking immensely.  We also enjoy cross-country skiing in the winter months, swimming and spending time at the beach in the summer and I love baking, discovering new music, and reading all year round!  I am always in the middle of at least two books it seems and read pretty much all genres.

I am so excited about this new venture with Today’s Mama and I thank you for taking this ride along with me!

To learn a bit more about me feel free to check out my personal blog and scrapbooking galleries here: livelifecreateart.


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